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Luigi-Jonathan, private pilot

Luigi-Jonathan, private pilot

A dream that I thought unreachable, but possible thanks to the AASH flying school! Many thanks to my flight instructor Jonathan, to Sylvain, as well as the rest of his team! I'm now proudy a Private Pilot!

For a couple years, I was dreaming about the recreationnal pilot permit, "flying just for fun". But in the process, I learned a lot more, and decided to keep going to the Private Licence. I've found a passion, and people who share the same passion for aviation. I felt safe and greatly supervised all along my training.


Thanks again, and have nice flights!



My first flight ...

My first flight ...

It’s funny, I can’t even remember the first time I flew an airplane. So much so that I like to say that I learned to fly before I learned to walk. In fact, I believe that the passion of aviation is in my genes! 

However, to make it into a career, it is not enough to know how to hold a yoke. In my journey, my instructors taught me how to channel my passion and build a solid foundation. In fact, they helped me become a pilot.

André showed me that anything was possible by helping me get through the first step of getting the private pilot licence. Thanks to him, I realized I could dream big. 

Patrick, for his part, first showed me that he was even more passionate than me! His time, his involvement and the richness of his teaching have made me grow and appreciate aviation for what it really is. 

It is inevitable, I will continue to fly for a long time and I hope to have as much pleasure in doing so as I had with these two excellent instructors. 

Thanks to the academy. I’m sure we’ll meet again soon, in the air!

Alexandre Blais-Gallant ,PPL IFR

Instrument Rating (IFR) - check !

Instrument Rating (IFR) - check !

Several years ago, I got the aviation bug.

To complete my training, I decided to do my IFR rating at the Académie de l'Aviation de Saint-Hyacinthe.



As much for the academic as for the practical part, as much for the knowledge as for the sense of teaching, it is however the passion of the instructors of the Academy and especially that of Patrick Remy that impressed me.


What is offered to us at the Academy has been very useful for my IFR training, but also to consolidate my general knowledge in aviation.  All this is always done with the utmost respect for safety rules and aviation discipline.


Being a very busy person, the availability of aircraft and instructors according to my personal availability was also highly appreciated.


Finally, the overall experience was extremely rewarding for me and enhanced by the aeronautical and human experience demonstrated by the entire team with whom I had the chance to interact.


Personally, following my IFR training, I am waiting for the beginning of my CPL training at the Academy….


Thank you all


Christian Faubert, ing.
Vice President of Operations

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Sylvie Beaulieu

Sylvie Beaulieu

I am pleased to tell you about the Académie de l'aviation de Saint-Hyacinthe. The name has changed, but not the instructors who trained me. I got my private pilot licence, my night rating, and most recently my instrument rating.

I was able to appreciate the calm and rigour of Mr. Morin and Mr. Remy. They both have that important quality of understanding where we’re at technically or emotionally. They are motivated to teach, their goal is not to accumulate flying hours for themselves. I never felt like I was wasting my time.

In addition, since the Saint-Hyacinthe runway is not in controlled airspace, the time stamp does not turn unnecessarily while awaiting take-off clearance…

Thank you and long live the Académie de l'aviation de Saint-Hyacinthe! And by the way, the new premises are great!

Sylvie Beaulieu


Ariane, Pilot for a Day

Ariane, Pilot for a Day

I always loved flying, it fascinates me that these big metal birds fly. Now having tasted that same feeling in the front row, controlling the controls, it’s even more exciting. An extraordinary experience to add to bucket list.

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